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What are addons? Addons are small programs written by other Warcraft players that modify your interface to allow you access to more data or make gameplay easier. They are not 'Hacks' or anything Blizzard does not allow. On the contrary, Blizzard has lots of tutorials on their site on how to create your own addons.

Posted by: Rakreo
10:43PM 01/24/09

TisTheSeason 3.2.5

Cooldowns for my toons 'Tricked or Treated' Now you know what ones you did THIS year!

Ever had a difficult time remembering which toon is ready to do a Holiday event. Things like visiting an InnKeeper every hour for 'Tricked or Treated'. Well I used to struggle with my toons all the time. That is why I wrote 'TisTheSeason', it will track the cooldowns for every toon on your account and provide a tooltip the time remaining for each toon. It also will show you the amount of time remaining for the toon who will be ready first.

TisTheSeason currently works with "Hallow's End", "Winter Veil" and "Love is in the Air" holidays. Only problem is that this version only supports 'English' clients. If anyone want to help with translations I need the localized name of the Harmful buffs 'Tricked or Treated', 'Adored' and 'Mistletoe'. Please send the translations to

This addon is also my first attempt at a LDB plugin and as such will need something to display its output. I use TitanPanel, but any LDB compatible addon should work.

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Posted by: Rakreo
11:55pm 10/22/09

PetShop 3.2.4

Looks like I need to buy 2 of these!

One day I was running my Guildmates thru Deadmines and a [Green Wing Macaw] dropped. When I moused over the [Parrot Cage(Green Wing Macaw)] it said my current toon already knew it. I got to thinking, I have 9 other toons, I wonder which ones already knew the Macaw. When I got back to town I mailed it to my first alt. When he opened his mail it said he already knew the [Green Wing Macaw]. Now I had to mail to to my next alt. My 5th toon wound up being the one needing the Macaw. What a pain in the butt. I went to all the major addon sites and started looking for an addon that could show me what Companions my toons knew. After several hours I turned up nothing. While I have never written an addon for WoW or used LUA I have been a programmer for several years so I decided to make my own and after several days PetShop was born.

PetShop will track every Companion your toons knows and add lines to the GameTooltip to show you which toons currently have that Companion and which toons are missing it. PetShop currently works with every tooltip I can think of, Mailbox, Backpack, Auction House, Trade Window, Loot Window, Chat Links and the Companion Frame.

As of version 3.0.5 I have added the ability to "Ignore" any toon. All you need to do is while you are logged on with the toon you want to ignore just type "/petshop ignore". If the current toon is being show it will now be ignored, if it is currently being ignored it will now be shown.

I hope you find it as useful as I intended it to be. I am always open to ideas, suggestions, compliments and complaints. For the most current version or to find out more about PetShop, my Guild (Dragon Slayer of Duskwood) or me (Rakreo of Duskwood) please visit

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Posted by: Rakreo
11:42pm 09/27/09